Sunday, December 31, 2017

Patapat Bridge: Shake It Off Here

It is a must, to stop.
And look far beyond. 
North, Up. Beach. Clouds. The Sky.
And shake it off here.

Body Boarding: Aint No Wave High Enough

The soul has been longing to be waved.
And the saltwater vibe will surely heal.
It was fearful to be alone.
Few people came to watch. Then left.

The ocean just couldn't eat me alive, I thought.
That one hour trying to flow with it was nostalgic.
The waves were dancing. I danced with it. 
I came out alive.

Watch and feel the intensity.
Because the yearning for good life will never stop. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Japan: Saitama's Enchanted Valley

I was waiting for the fairies to appear.
They were there,  hiding beneath the trees.
The mermaids were under the rocks.
The gnomes by the trees.
It is an enchanted valley.
A world full of the earth's beautiful creatures.
The vibes, I can feel it all.

Japan: A Walk In The Valley

Nagatoro Valley is nature that heals.
The mountain. The silhouettes. 
The lake.The rock tormations.
This place renews one's spirit. It takes away all the uncertainties. 
Its energy is electrifying. It brings your soul home.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

South Luzon: Of Itlog ni Kuya & Mount Mayon

(Please read with Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers)

When the pages of this chapter of your life journey ends.

From uncertainties, your natural warmth embraced me. I just wanted to be. And you made me be me.

I was anxious to take over. But you made me feel at home, back to where I considered home for eleven years. Where I built my career. Where I started a family. Where I became stewards of God’s children. Where I gained my forever friends. Where I renewed my faith. It was nostalgic. I recall that this was supposed to be my first stint in Operations, but I exchanged it to which I thought then as a more comfortable place.

And so, I embraced this slowly. Each day enlightened me of how sincere everyone is. I felt that everyone deserved more.  So, I tried to fill me with wisdom that will grow me and that I can share to fill every soul too. I became passionate. I fought till the end. In the power of my hands, I did.  What should be. And what is right. And even if there are times things go wrong, I still try to sense what the universe has planned. In the darkness, I tried to understand every act. Forgive what is forgivable. And end what is wrong. Sometimes I became mad at my conclusions, but I tried to stand firm. Because it was called for, it must be done. It was tough. And I always prayed that heaven shower all the goodness. And let the sunshine brighten my senses. It is weird to be tough in a carefree soul.

In my heart, I feel grateful for every lesson of life that I learned. Thank you for enriching me with each one’s life. Each story made me more human. Made me more compassionate. To all and the people they love. I learned about family, happiness, and authenticity. I learned to care more. I learned to see the little stars on each one’s shoulders and the halos that radiates above. I see angels in all of you. I say so, because from the very start, I believed in the goodness of your hearts.

I will miss chasing boats - running in Calapan port to catch the boatride at one time; and being left by the boat at another time. I will miss flying,  and missing my flights. And oh, my favorite paradise. I will miss baked chicharon. I will miss my fave, Itlog ni Kuya. I will miss the giant turbines in the hills. I will miss Mount Mayon. Taal Volcano. I will miss dried fish. Apas. That omelet vegetable. Arrowroot. Pili. My fave, Laing and Pinangat. Lucban & Ginubatan Longganisa. I will miss my fave, Lomi. I will miss pandesal breakfast during meetings. And I will miss all the ghosts in the hotels. And maybe people from the government will miss me. Ahaha.
And I will miss your thoughtfulness and I will miss talking to you all (or even singing 'Listen To Your Heart' maybe)!

Thank you for making me spread my wings freely. Thank you for the trust. Thank you for being part of my journey. I wish you & your families love & happiness!

I must fly and continue my journey. And spread this joy & fulfillment you gave my soul. I am not just me being me. I feel greatness and find more meaning in this life. Doing what I do.

Wish me love. Wish me compassion.

I love you all!

Very truly yours, Heiz, Your Beautiful & Kind HR Manager. Maganda na Mabait pa. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Japan: No Worries

Hakuna Matata.
No worries.

Japan: The Snow Walkers

These snowboarders slide down swiftly from the top.
Amazing! And I wait for them below.

And wish that one day, I will be sliding down Mount Naeba
with all the gracefulness. 
Gliding down safely.

I decided just to play with the snowflakes.
And have fun!